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Free Gon vs Neferpitou Twixtor + Rsmb Clips For Editing (1080p)

Gon vs Neferpitou

Outside the building, Neferpitou follows Gon, concluding that Gon pushed his body to evolve to the point where he could fight the Royal Guard. As they approach, Neferpitou lunges at Gon in an attempt to murder him again, but Gon deflects Neferpitou’s lunge. He kicks Neferpitou in the stomach, launching her into the air. As Neferpitou descends, Gon switches into his Jajanken posture, summoning enormous power. Gon punches Neferpitou in the face at point-blank range, sending the Ant crashing into the side of a mountain. The force slams into Neferpitou’s face, knocking them out and leaving them comatose on the ground. Gon ultimately shatters Neferpitou’s skull with Jajanken. Gon rises and informs Kite that he has completed the task.


  • Fight – Gon vs Neferpitou
  • Anime – Hunter x Hunter
  • Clips – Chimera Ant Arc
  • Type – Twixtor + Rsmb
  • Quality – 1080p
  • Link – Google Drive

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