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Free Itadori Yuji Twixtor Clips For Editing (1080p)

Itadori Yuji

Yuji is a fair person who genuinely cares about not only his colleagues, but anyone he sees as having their own will, regardless of how close he is to them. He is a firm believer in “the value of life,” and he will work to guarantee that others have a “decent death.” As a result, he believes it is morally immoral for him to take another human life, and he tries to avoid doing so until absolutely necessary.

He also has some more active and outgoing characteristics. For example, he was frequently spotted with Nobara talking about Tokyo and his enthusiasm to train with Gojo, or even entertaining Junpei.


  • Character – Itadori Yuji
  • Anime – Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Clips – S1
  • Type – Twixtor
  • Quality – 1080p
  • Link – Google Drive

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