Free Madara Uchiha Twixtor Clips For Editing (1080p)

Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha was the Uchiha clan’s legendary chief. With his lifelong friend and opponent, Hashirama Senju, he established Konohagakure with the goal of moving into a new era of peace. When they couldn’t agree on how to make peace, they fought over control of the village, which resulted in Madara’s death. Madara, on the other hand, rewrote his own death and went into hiding to carry out his own schemes. He handed his knowledge and plans to Obito just before his death because he was unable to complete it during his natural life. Years later, Madara would be resurrected, only to have his schemes blocked and, eventually, to see his wrong and make amends with Hashirama before his death.


  • Character – Madara Uchiha
  • Anime – Naruto
  • Clips – All Seasons
  • Type – Twixtor
  • Quality – 1080p
  • Link – Google Drive

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