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Free Rock Lee vs Gaara Twixtor Clips For Editing (1080p+CC)


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Hello everyone, I am ‘Hii Twixtor’ – youtuber with 200k+ subscribers and also editor. I have been making twixtors for more than 3+ years and have a great expertise in this field. The main purpose of making twixtor clips is so that every editor can follow their passion without any obstacles.


Twixtor is a effect and a plugin which is used in After Effects. It is used to create super slow motion for any video regardless of their framerate.
You might be thinking how does twixtor makes any video slow while maintaining smoothness?
So what twixtor does is that it creates frames in your video which automatically makes your video go from low frame rate to high frame rate but the results may vary from video-to-video. Also recently twixtor came into limelight and it got really popular on social media especially editors on tiktok using twixtor on their anime clips and also using a 4k cc.

Lee vs Gaara

Both are skilled ninja, each with their own unique abilities and personalities.

Rock Lee is known for his exceptional taijutsu (hand-to-hand combat) skills and his strong will. He is a proud and dedicated ninja, who trains tirelessly in order to become the best fighter he can be. Despite being born without the ability to use ninjutsu or genjutsu (illusion techniques), Rock Lee has never let this hold him back, and he has become a skilled and respected fighter through his hard work and determination. He is a kind and loyal friend, who always strives to do what is right and protect those he cares about.

Gaara, on the other hand, is a ninja from the Sand Village, who was once a jinchuriki (host) of the One-Tailed Shukaku demon. He was a tragic figure in his early life, who was tormented by the demon within him and rejected by those around him. However, after being defeated by Naruto, Gaara underwent a profound transformation and eventually became the Kazekage (leader) of his village. He is a calm and collected individual, who possesses great power and is skilled in both ninjutsu and taijutsu. He is also a complex and multi-layered character, who has struggled with feelings of loneliness and insecurity, but has overcome these obstacles to become a strong and respected leader.

In terms of abilities, Rock Lee specializes in taijutsu and is a formidable fighter. He is also a skilled user of the Primary Lotus technique, which is a powerful and fast-paced combination of strikes that can take down opponents quickly. Gaara, on the other hand, possesses the Sand Control ability, which allows him to manipulate sand to attack his enemies and protect himself. He is also a skilled user of the Shield of Sand, which is a powerful defensive technique that can block even the most powerful attacks.

In conclusion, Rock Lee and Gaara are both unique and complex characters, who possess exceptional abilities and have overcome significant obstacles to become the skilled ninja they are today. While they come from different backgrounds and have different personalities, they are both respected and admired for their strength, courage, and determination.


  • Character – Lee vs Gaara
  • Anime – Naruto
  • Clips – Episode 48
  • Type – Twixtor
  • Quality – 1080p
  • Link – Google Drive

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