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Free Sasuke Uchiha Raw Clips For Editing (Naruto)


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Hello everyone, I am ‘Hii Twixtor’ – youtuber with 200k+ subscribers and also editor. I have been making twixtors for more than 3+ years and have a great expertise in this field. The main purpose of making twixtor clips is so that every editor can follow their passion without any obstacles.


Raw means clips or episode without any subtitles and Japanese audio. Dub is also very similar to raw its just that it contains English audio. Raw clips are editors need because they can edit them as per their imagination and according to their like. Also recently raw came into limelight and it got really popular on social media especially editors on tiktok using raw anime clips and also using a 4k cc.

Sasuke Uchiha

One of the last remaining Uchiha clan members from Konohagakure is Sasuke Uchiha (, Uchiha Sasuke). Itachi, his older brother, massacred their clan, and Sasuke made it his life’s work to exact revenge on Itachi. Sasuke joins Team 7 after becoming a ninja, where he competes against his friend and foe Naruto Uzumaki to hone his talents. He defected from Konoha because he was dissatisfied with his development in order to gain the strength he needs to exact his retribution. As a result of his years-long quest for retribution and the events that followed, he became increasingly demanding, unreasonable, and alone, earning the label of “international criminal.” After discovering the truth about his brother’s sacrifice, he went on to win the war and thereafter became a good person and then became Shadow Hokage.


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