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The primary adversary of Stranger Things’ fourth season is 001. He is represented as a child by Raphael Luce and as an adult by Jamie Campbell Bower.

Venca, a terrifying sentient being allied with the Upside Down, had humble beginnings as Henry Creel, a human. The young Henry learned he had amazing psychokinetic talents and could change people’s perceptions after relocating to a new house in Hawkins in March 1959. Henry utilised his abilities to psychologically torture his family, finally killing his mother and sister and then accusing his father of the crimes, which drove him insane. His motivation was a nihilistic and misanthropic mindset. Dr. Martin Brenner became interested in these incidents and brought him to Hawkins National Laboratory and made him his first test subject.

Henry described himself as a “prisoner” after Brenner inserted Soteria, a tiny device that muzzled his powers and monitored every move, into his neck. Henry eventually joined the group of orderlies who helped Brenner and looked after the lab. Brenner would later replicate Henry’s abilities in several young test volunteers, who were likewise constrained to the lab’s boundaries.

In 1979, Henry deceived test subject Eleven into using her abilities to remove the Soteria chip. Henry utilised his newly regained abilities in a fit of wrath to brutally slaughter the other test subjects and made an effort to do the same to Eleven. He was ultimately defeated by Eleven, who resisted giving in, and was turned upside down as a result.


  • Character – 001
  • Series – Stranger Things
  • Clips – S4
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